#EVERYDAYHEROES: Meet the phone that refuses to die


Tell us a little about yourself.

I’ve been in the plumbing business for about 15 years and running my own business for the last five. I’m based in Southsea, on the south coast of the UK.

What are the typical jobs you encounter?

I’m a plumber and heating engineer so I deal with water leaks and hot and cold heating issues.

Has the job changed much over the years?

It’s changed massively. Technology is becoming a big part of our industry. Take your average heating system – it’s now wireless, whereas before it was all hard wired in. Customers haven’t really changed much. There seems to be a dark art to plumbing and no one really challenges what we do.

“I live with my phone. It’s a tool of its own.”

Sounds like you give your phones a hard time?

I’m forever breaking my screens and replacing them, so I got the Cat® S50 as I needed a rugged phone and that worked really well – I didn’t manage to break it! I now use the S60 pretty much every day. I’ve dropped it many times. It’s fallen off a roof, been hit by a brick on the screen. It lives in water; I can lay it down on a wet floor and not go into a panic that it’s getting wet. I also like the torch; I use it all the time as I struggle a lot in dark places and it saves me carrying an additional one.

How do you use the thermal camera?

It’s good to be able to show blockages to customers – I can show them a picture of where the heat isn’t and where the heat is. I can say “this part of your radiator is hot, this part is cold” and that helps them understand. And I can do that with the heating, boilers or the pipework so they have a bit more confidence in me and it’s less of a dark art.

“The thermal lets me show blockages to customers so they have more confidence in me.”

Any other unlikely uses of thermal?

Well, we play with it in the pub occasionally and had a bit of fun with it there and it could be good for Halloween!

Any recommendations you’d suggest?

A rugged tablet would be great just because I’ve got big fingers and sometimes I get caught out with email. That would be a plus for me. But I recommend it – when you’re out and about you can drop it and step on it. I live with my phone, it is a tool of it its own and I don’t have to take my gloves off to use it. I can totally rely on it.

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