We are market leaders for the delivery of mobile devices for the harshest environments.

Including the ruggedised market, Widget focus on delivering a complete technology supply chain service to the Australia’s leading B2B, online and retail channels. We have created dedicated sales channels  for the delivery ruggedised mobile products devices to the First Response, Trade, Electrical, DIY, and Mining sectors.

The growth of ruggedised mobile devices is forecast to grow substantially. Widget has developed the infrastructure to provide premier brands such as CAT the ability to distribute and grow in the Asia Pacific region.

Personal, business and corporate demand for “built for purpose” mobile devices is growing along with overall mobile device demand.  Harsh environmental factors combined with increased usage has placed increased pressures on mobile devices resulting in breakages and failures.

Widget has identified sales channels and organisations that will benefit from Ruddgedised mobile device deployment and is working with brands such as CAT to deliver these products to market.

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