Scuba diving with the CAT® S60


Business Development Director John Thurgood took the Cat® S60’s waterproofing capabilities out for a spin when he went scuba diving in Dorset last weekend…

Location: Scuba Diving off Chesil Beach, Portland, Dorset, UK

Date: Sunday 14th August.

Dive School:
C-Waves Diving Dive Master and Director, Robert Hughes

Assisted by: Roger Hoyle and Jerome

Kit Hire: Dale Spree of Dive Beyond


On what must have been one of the most beautiful days of the year so far I took two Cat S60 smartphones down to my Dive buddy Robert Hughes so I could to test the Cat S60’s Rugged and thermal credentials for myself. Rob is the Ex-Mayor of Portland and has been my dive master for about 3 years, and he knows more than a thing or two about diving.

After the required preparation on the Cat S60 of flicking the switches on the front to the 5 meter setting, in we went with the phones in the dive bag and cooled off in the Sea off Chesil Cove (Chesil Beach, Portland, Dorset, UK). We left one phone at 5 meters, and the other one we continued to take with us further on the dive (OK, I was trying to break it at depth, but don’t let the team know!).

Periodically we checked the phone as we went deeper as you can see in the footage. At just under 10 meters the phone went into android device recovery mode because of the water pressure acting like fingers pressing the buttons which I could feel as the pressure pushed the buttons in all the way and there was no movement. So, thinking the phone had died, Rob popped the device in his pocket, and we continued on our dive down to 12.2 meters in waters where visibility was at best, 4 meters, which was actually quite good for that part of the UK.

After collecting the other phone we purposefully left at 5 meters we returned to the surface after 42 minutes diving and having gone to a max depth of 12.2 meters. Whilst the phone that went to 5 meters was still on and beaming away, I thought I had trashed the other phone. However, Rob Hughes then switched the device on like nothing had happened and all functioning perfectly apart from needing a good wash to clear the sea water off.

The additional “James Bond” type moment was coming out of the water and being greeted by a message onscreen saying that it had been underwater, and offered an option to run an app that helps clear the speakers of water. On progressing and reminiscent of a dial-up modem, high pitch sounds were played through the speakers to help clear them. This was very impressive to me, the team at C-Waves Diving and anyone else in earshot!


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