CAT® S60 Everyday Heros: Park Ranger


Tennessee Park Ranger Ryan Jenkins reveals how the rugged Cat S60 thermal imaging integrated smartphone has changed the way in which he works. Combining thermal imaging and underwater cameras in one smartphone, the S60 is bringing about the next evolution in mobile technology.

Ryan is a Park Ranger for Tennessee State Parks. His days vary and can include anything from education and recreation to land fire fighting and large scale search and rescue operations. When patrolling such a large stretch of land it’s vital for information to be communicated speedily and efficiently. Data caught by the thermal imaging camera can be processed quickly while the rugged aspects of the S60 make it the natural choice for those working in outdoor professions. He says:

“In a search and rescue situation I can drop my hand down over one of these sink holes and see if there is a child hidden down inside of a hole that’s not responding to us. And so having this camera inside of this phone is an amazing thing […]”

“[…] having a phone that is tough and that is drop resistant, that is dust resistant, that you can use in cold weather with gloves on and has a battery that will last all day, is invaluable in being able to complete our job.”

Check out his video below, and see more on our Everyday Heroes page.

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