CAT® S60 Everyday Heros: Home Renovations


For J.P. Harris the Cat S60 is a “game changing” device, giving him a huge advantage over his competitors. Combining thermal imaging and underwater cameras in one smartphone, the S60 is bringing about the next evolution in mobile technology.

J.P. Harris is often faced by challenging environments, having to deal with heat, dust and cramped spaces. That’s why it’s essential for him to carry efficient tools that don’t take up a lot of space. The temperature resistant, drop and dust proof properties are essential to his work while the thermal imaging is a real game changer for his profession. Not only does it give him an advantage against bigger business’ but it also provides tangible results that he can use as a basis to build strong client relationships. He says:

“Having the thermal imaging camera itself being so small is one thing that already amazes, but having it integrated into a phone that you have in your pocket with you, everywhere and everyday has changed the game completely for us.”

“In my opinion the Cat S60 is going to quickly become the most invaluable tool in any contractor’s toolbox.”

Check out his video below, and see more on our Everyday Heroes page.

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